Address Validation v 2.1

I am blown away by the speed of the Batch Address Validation processing on NA addresses in this release. Installed 2.1. today and validated 1M addresses in under 7 minutes on my laptop.

Thank you to the Dev team and all involved for this.



  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @Basil Brown I want to see you do a happy dance, you can thank @Chris Allan and the gang

  • Basil BrownBasil Brown Experian Employee

    lol, I am gonna reach out to him on Teams now I am up. I am demoing with 2.1. in 3 hours time ๐Ÿ˜‰ That's where i am at with already!!

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor

    We have over 2 million addresses and running in 11 mins, its just fantastic and l think there needs to be a dance made up for this. I have the frog dance in mind LOL

  • Sueann SeeSueann See Administrator

    @Carolyn have you upgraded to 2.1? What Basil was referring to was due to some architectural improvements made since 2.1.

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