Split data from two columns - phones


I have a situation when l have a file that has two columns with phone data:

Phone Phone2

99998888 0411888999




I want to take any mobile number in either column and move to a new column called Mobile Phone and the other Phone so end result is

Mobile Phone Home Phone

0411888999 99998888




Any assistance appreciated.



  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    This will likely only work for Australia and New Zealand but what I would do is determine the phone number type first, using the phone validation step.

    you'll need to surface two new columns in your data accordingly from dual pass of the phone validation step

    Note that I chose Vaid Phone as the Validation Type

    The slot number transform hides the superfluous columns and adds a new column called Mobile Number

    You start with just the two columns

    and after this first step and action you get this

    the challenge is going to be if both phone1 and phone2 have mobile numbers, then what do you do?

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