All Find Duplicates Pre-built Rulesets

Chris DownerChris Downer Administrator

This dmx file will import all the Find Duplicates default rulesets.

These are pre-built rules and blocking keys for Australia, USA and GBR that will match at either individual, household or location level.

  • Individual - groups records with similar names at similar addresses. For example, GBR_Individual_Default will find individuals in Great Britain. Note that emails, phone numbers, and other identifiers will not be taken into account, but can be added manually.
  • Household - groups records with the same or similar family names at a similar address. For example, GBR_Household_Default will find households in Great Britain.
  • Location - groups records with similar addresses or locations. For example, GBR_Location_Default will find locations in Great Britain.


  • Sueann SeeSueann See Experian Super Contributor

    The Find Duplicates default settings now comes pre-packaged with the product. Download the latest product release here to get the latest updates.

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