De-Duplication DateCompare

Hi, I am having trouble implementing the "DateCompare" comparitor and was wondering if someone could help.
I have tried
Dob.Exact={#Dob.Date[ExactMatch, DateCompare]}
Dob.Exact={#Dob.Date[ExactMatch, DateCompare]}
Dob.Exact={#Dob.Date[ExactMatch, DateCompare]}

but all seem to fail. Could anyone advise where I am going wrong ? Its a standard date of birth and I was wanting to create a "Close" match on Month and Year being correct.

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  • Akshay DavisAkshay Davis Administrator
    Accepted Answer

    The general structure to a rule is:

    {Theme Name}.{Level}={ {Optional Group}.{Element or theme}.{Comparator}[{results}]

    So, assuming you've configured your date column to have an element group name of "Dob", what you would be looking for is:

    DOB.Exact={ #DOB.Date[ExactMatch] }
    DOB.Close={ #DOB.Date.DateCompare[MonthYearMatch] }

    The exact rule doesn't have a comparator because the ExactString comparator is the default if one isn't supplied.


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