Data Studio V2.0 - External System Connections


When you set up an External System Connection it will only appear under the workspace you create them in. Is there are way to have the option to create an external system that can be shared across multiple workspaces.

Please Advise




  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @Carolyn as I understand the ask, you're looking for a way to define the system (say Salesforce or a database), just once and then be able to make the definition of that system visible to other spaces?

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor

    Hi Clinton

    Yes that is correct. We have a few projects going, having different spaces and we cross over on a few datasets.



  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    Hi @Carolyn more on this, we have identified a opportunity around system connections that will involve a small permissions change to be done by us and we will roll this out in an update to the application in the next few weeks to support easier reuse.

    The original idea was that you would share the space which contains the system connection but we recognise that you may not always want to share a space.



  • Ian BuckleIan Buckle Administrator

    Hi @Carolyn

    The sharing of data sets from the same External System is possible utilizing Views as sharing these to other spaces that may require the same data set.

    The recommended setup would be to store all your data sets into one space which is restricted to those that have permissions to add new data sets and curate the data to other users.

    Create Views on all data sets, this could simply be just creating a view on top of the data set or even doing some hiding curating of columns.

    Once the view is created and published you can then share this View with other spaces by clicking the burger icon and selecting Sharing Options.

    You will then be able to set the context for the share to all spaces or specific ones

    Once set any admin of the other space will need to go into that Space and go to Views and select Include from another Space

    If the appropriate permissions were set on the original view they will see that view and be able to bring this in.

    This has many advantages including to be able to curate the data set and show different Spaces different parts of the same data set and hold centrally the data connection rather than managing multiple data connections to multiple source systems.

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