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I have spent a bit of time trying to determine how to do tagging on a file after or during transform function on file in Data studio v2.0.

I'm sorry, this is probably a simple step, but l am unable to site the function or step to do this.

At dataset load, l can tag, but l have decided to load dataset, do the workflow - hide columns, add columns, fix headings etc. some involves transform and then complete the tagging on file, prior to validations etc.

Could someone please provide the steps to do this.



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  • Akshay DavisAkshay Davis Administrator

    @Carolyn This is in the transform step.

    If you select the columns option in that step

    Then select the column you're interested in. Address 1 in this example

    Then select Tag from the menu at the top

    Select the Tag you want to use

    Hit apply, and it should appear in the tags for that column

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor

    Cant believe l missed that. Thank you.

    Once l setup the tags for the mapped layout l will want to tag the columns the same in every workflow. Can l make this transform a usable transform or function, so l don't have the tagged all the same columns again for each data source?

    I do the map to target - one set format for headings then tag. I will be tagging the same columns with same tags each time.

    thanks again

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor

    Thank you this will save a bit of work.


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