UK Bank Accounts / Sort Codes

Is there way to validate a number against the above or does anyone have a list that I can use the compare function against ? I appreciate that I could build my own compare expression function but there wouldn't be any validation against it.




  • Henry SimmsHenry Simms Administrator

    Hi @stevenmckinnon , I just have a couple of questions to help me understand more about what you want to achieve

    For account numbers and sort codes, are you interested in checking whether a value:

    1. looks like sort codes / account numbers (based on the simple format check), or
    2. is a valid sort-code (i.e. a check along the lines of, or
    3. is a valid account number and sort code combination. (Experian provides software for this
    4. ...or something else (for example trying to extract sort codes and account numbers from larger text values in your database


  • Hi Henry, It would have been option 3. Is there a cost associated ? i dont need to do this in live time, just a check retrospetively to understand if the data is a true sort code & / or account number.


  • Henry SimmsHenry Simms Administrator

    Thanks Steve

    UK bank sort codes themselves don't look too difficult to validate: there are around 18,000 for the UK which could be loaded and looked up against. While the list of valid sort codes does change, it doesn't seem to do so that often.

    Checking bank account numbers (specifically, checking that they are valid for a given bank or set of sort codes) looks like a much more complex job and several organisations including Experian offer this as a paid service. Would you like me to put you in touch with someone about options for using this service?


  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite
    edited March 2020

    There is also a Bank code verification service available from IBAN

    this a paid service, this is one worth evaluating too - you could develop your own custom step to leverage this

    Here is their pricing

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