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Clinton Jones
Clinton Jones Experian Elite
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We're looking to not deliver sample data with the installer for v2.0.

Instead we are looking at using a guided walkthrough that will show you how to get sample data from a hosted environment and add it to Data Studio, potentially with other artefacts also.

What do you think of this idea?

Sample Data 7 votes

It's a bad idea - sample data should be with the installer
Ian Buckle 1 vote
I love this idea
Tanj JagpalHenry SimmsSami LaineIvan Ng 4 votes
I don't feel strongly either way
Akshay DavisNigel Light 2 votes


  • Ian Buckle
    Ian Buckle Experian Super Contributor
    It's a bad idea - sample data should be with the installer

    I actually didn't have an option above which was kind of neither but i do feel that having something is important. The sample dataset is useful for training and useful for those that want to learn unassisted from consultancy. I do like the idea of utilizing this with the walk through feature, could a Pre-installed training space that can be chosen to be installed at deployment and subsequently deleted at a later date be an option? That way we could include more than just data and example workflow functions etc..

  • Clinton Jones
    Clinton Jones Experian Elite
    edited January 2020

    @Ian Buckle not sure why... Just to give you a tease. Here's an early implementation that shows how we might consider delivering sample data going forward

    Additionally, we could stage a DMX (the new Data Studio Metdata Exchange) file for import into your instance of Data Studio.

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