Purging Logs

Does anyone else see this in their logs ? Seems strange that the application is constantly purging.


  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite
    edited October 2019

    @stevenmckinnon in the log viewer you can click on the truncated display text and click on the italicized info icon and see the full message

    in my system you can see that this purge is being done on the export files based on a system rule

    in the all server settings under configuration as an administrator you can configure a number of interval rules including :

    • JDBC Connection test interval
    • Log file rollover Interval
    • SDK Cache Eviction

    You can also set the expire days on

    • Expiry Days
    • Index Expiry Time

    The log message yu show, looks to be related to the Index Expiry Time

  • Hi Clinton

    I just logged in and checked the logs again and the system is still continuously generating purge files even through no workflow has been ran. It creates about 15 entries per minute. They are also running in a loop, values, txlog, status, error and then back to values again.

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @stevenmckinnon when you look at the message what does it say is the reason it is purging it ?

  • I don't see where it lists reason. When I log into messages I just see more of what I have attached in the capture above. Any ideas ?

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @stevenmckinnon it says :

    It ooks like Job 140 and job 141 are the two that are being purged, are you saying that all the purge jobs relate to 140 and 141 and that you are seeing new purges being executed continuously on error.idx and values.dat ? Clicking on the message and clicking on the I will show the rest of the details in the left panel.

  • Yes all of the logs being created at present relate to those two jobs and have done now for several days. Those jobs had been stopped previously but I have since deleted them as well in n hope of stopping the purge. I have attached a new screengrab from just now with the further detail from the "I".

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @stevenmckinnon ok now if you click on the right triangle ⯈you should see the whole message

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @stevenmckinnon this looks like quite an aggressive setting on the purges but the fact that you are seeing it happen so much doesn't look right.

    Did you change the default setting?

    You can check your current setting by look at Configuration>All Server Settings and filter for Index Expiry Time

  • Morning Clinton, Index Expiry is set to 30 days. I re-started the service again this morning as the ongoing cycle was still occurring however the restart has had no impact.

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @stevenmckinnon, I discussed this with @Henry Simms and he agreed with me that this was an odd one.

    There is a second setting that is defaulted to 5 days and can be found under Configuration ⯈StorageServer exports

    All that said, I did notice that the files that the purge is trying to delete are on the D drive, I assume this is a network or virtual drive, there could be something going on

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