Data Studio v1.6.0 is coming soon!

Roberta GillRoberta Gill Administrator
edited September 2019 in General discussion

Coming up in the next version of Data Studio:

  • ability to select a predefined custom layout for the Validate addresses step - giving users more control over the format in which cleaned addresses are returned;
  • various enhancements to the Find duplicates real-time transactional and search API - allowing more powerful integrations;
  • automatic snapshot version management for compliance and easier admin;
  • a number of bug fixes
  • and much more...


  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    @Pavan Rao here's a preview of some of whatyou might expect in v1.6

  • Chris DownerChris Downer Administrator
    edited September 2019

    Don't forget the new ability to encrypt the Duplicates Store at rest and generate a key for use in the Real Time and Transaction API.

    Something very much on our customers wish lists.

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