Finding your User Id in Aperture Data Studio

Hayley KeareyHayley Kearey Experian Employee
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How do I find the import directory for my user (amongst others)?

On the server, if you head to your import directory you will see lots of folders which are identified by an Id (integer), but no indication of which user each import area belongs to.

The easiest way to find your User Id is to:

1) Open Aperture Data Studio and navigate to Configuration > Users

2) Right Click Users and bring up the 'Users' View

3) Configure the view

4) In Columns, find the hidden column called and Show it

If you want to find the Ids of all objects in the repository, including Users:

1) Go into Aperture via the client and navigate to Monitoring > Repository Objects

2) Configure the view

3) In Columns, find the hidden column called and Show it


  • Henry SimmsHenry Simms Administrator
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    Thanks @Hayley . This is also useful for finding a specific user's export directory, now that the Export step gives the option to write files to either the server's export location (default C:\ApertureDataStudio\data\export) or the user's (default C:\ApertureDataStudio\data\export\<user id>)

  • Tanj JagpalTanj Jagpal Administrator

    Great post @Hayley Kearey

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