📣 Aperture Data Studio Version 2.12 - Sep 2023 (inc. download links)

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Aperture Data Studio Release 2.12 is a roll-up of all features and improvements since Release 2.11 (May 2023). In addition, it comes with a new Notifications inbox, Two-click Profiling, Solutions, plus UX improvements, bug fixes and security updates.

Download links: Windows | Linux | Find Duplicates | SDK

Notifications inbox

Users can receive alerts on Data Studio events in their new Notification inbox, instead of receiving this as emails with all their other business emails.


Notifications feature video

Update to Equals function
The Equals and Equals(strict) Functions have been combined. This updated Equals function will compare if the input value is exactly the same as any of the comparison values. There are options to reduce the strictness of the match, e.g. ignore differences in data types or case. Any existing Functions will be upgraded to return the same results as before the upgrade:

Equals will have all options checked to return same results as previously.

Equals (strict) will no longer be required, existing Functions will be upgraded without Ignore datatype selected to return same results as previously.


Profile Default output
It is now possible to select one of your Profile definitions as the default for the Space (or all Spaces if created in the System Space). The default output columns will be automatically selected when Profiling data.


Profile features video

Profile Data tags
The All statistics Profile output now includes two new columns:
Data Tags: a comma separated list of all tags assigned to the column
Sensitive Data Tags: a comma separated list of all tags assigned to the column that have the Sensitive data flag

These new attributes can be included in any custom Profile definitions that you might have defined in Step settings.

https://docs.experianaperture.io/data-quality/aperture-data-studio-v2/prepare-and-move-data/tag-data/ https://docs.experianaperture.io/data-quality/aperture-data-studio-v2/create-a-single-customer-view-scv/discover-and-profile-data/#profilestepsettings

Profile features video

Two-click Profiling
Right-click on any Dataset or View then click Profile, which will show Profile results (using your default definition output) for all columns in the data making it quicker and easier to understand the structure, consistency, uniformity and completeness of the data.

Profile features video


Solutions are a more advanced form of metadata management than import/export/synch, which allow multiple Spaces to be combined, can contain system-wide objects such as User Groups and can create new Spaces as part of the deployment. Solutions are versioned like other objects and so changes can be reverted if necessary. This all leads to a streamlined sharing and deployment experience for more complex cross-Space use cases.


Rows to columns
Additional options on Rows to columns step to aggregate values: First, Sum, List etc. (rather than having to follow with a Group step).


Rows to columns feature video

Automations event filters
We improved the filter options for events so that filter properties can be used more than once and added new operators like “greater/less than” that can be used for numbers and dates, “contains” for strings like the data set name, “not equal to, does not contain”. These options are applicable for suitable events.


UX improvements
New Upload data button allows quickly view the existing data before adding / overwriting the Dataset with new data.

  • Function list screen filters are remembered, as with other object list screens, to save re-typing, clicking, sorting each time.
  • Dashboard tabs can be re-ordered by dragging tabs into new position.
  • Dashboard widget can be renamed to make Dashboards easier to read, whilst keeping a descriptive name for the View/Chart.
  • The Views info panel now contains the date the underlying data source was refreshed, which is useful if the user cannot access the Dataset.
  • Automations can now be cloned saving time if a similar Automation is required.
  • Clicking on the output node of a Workflow step now brings up a searchable menu to add the next step, which saves time when building out a Workflow.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed export issue with Progress Snowflake driver
  • Create Dataset API error when uploading a fixed-width .dat file
  • Find duplicates installer upgrade


  • Mirjam Schuke
    Mirjam Schuke Administrator

    Recap of key 2.11.X features you can read more about in the notes for each release:

    • Unset Workflow parameters (2.11.12)
    • Compare step select columns (2.11.12)
    • Two-click profiling (2.11.12)
    • Profile default definition (2.11.12)
    • Dashboard tabs and widget titles (2.11.11)
    • Rows to columns improvement (2.11.11)
    • Profile Data tags (2.11.10)
    • Metro2 parser option to generate header/trailer Datasets (2.11.8)
    • View info panel refreshed date (2.11.7)
    • Update to Equals function (2.11.7)
    • Automations event filter options(2.11.5)
    • Functions list screen filters (2.11.4)
    • Automations set Source Data Set(2.11.4)
    • Copy Automations(2.11.3)
    • Workflow step quick actions (2.11.2)