Workflow comments and notes

Is there any way to create and display comments or notes within a workflow? An example might be some notes that describe, in more detail than the workflow name, what the purpose of the workflow is and the process that is being followed to produce the output.

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  • Thanks Clinton. I agree that smaller and more visible steps and functions does make a workflow easier to read and understand, and that's also precisely why annotation is needed. I look forward to seeing this in a forthcoming release.

  • Nigel LightNigel Light Contributor

    Agree - it would be great to add a 'post-it' type comment to a workflow to give it a bit of context and history. Would make traceability easier to manage. Thanks.

  • Michael HealyMichael Healy Experian Employee

    As Aperture becomes more powerful and is used for 'black box' UAT production processes the need for annotation becomes increasingly important for support and maintenance purposes so great to see this improved functionality is coming.

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